Georgia Vend and Coffee
Gwinnett Snack Vending

vending machines
Candy Bars Reeses Peanut Butter Cup
Raisinets (10/36/1.58 oz.)
Twix Carmel Cookie Bar
Jolly Rancher Fruit Chews (12/24)
Strawberry Twizzlers (9/36/2.5 oz.) (Hershey)
Reese's Pieces (9/36/1.53 oz.)
M & M Milk Chocolate with Almonds
Kissables (Hershey) (12/24/1.5 oz.)
Hershy's Take 5 (12/24/1.5 oz.)

Kit Kat Big Kat
Munch Bar (Mars)
Starburst Original Fruit Chews (12/24)
3 Musketeers Bar
Mike & Ike Original (12/24/2.12 oz.) (Just Born)
M & M Milk Chocolate Candies
Snickers Bar
Almond Joy (9/36/1.6 oz.)
Payday (Hershey)

Chewing Gum Big Red 5 Stick (Wrigly)
Juicy Fruit 5 Stick (Wrigly)

Doublemint 5 Stick (Wrigly)
WinterFresh 5 Stick (Wrigly)

Bagged Candy / Sweets Basil Danish Shortbread
Famous Amos Chocolate Chip Cookie
Frosted Blueberry Pop Tart
Nutter Butter Bites

Knotts Berry Raspberry Shortbread
Fudge Stripe Mini Bite Cookies
Mini Oreo Bite Size Cookies

Low Fat Products ACT II Microwaveable Pop Corn
 0 Fat Fruit Snack
Sugar Free Vanilla Wafer (4/36/1.5 oz.)
Planters Salted Peanuts
White Cheddar Cheese Popcorn
Cheddar Cheese Goldfish
Mini Pretzels Fat Free
Ginger Snap Cookies

Mixed Berries 0 Fat Fruit Snack
Nature Valley Oat / Honey Granola Bar
Nutri Grain Strawberry Bar
Fat Free Fig Newtons
Original Pork Skins
Kraft Sunflower Seeds
Snyders Veggie Crisps
Stauffer Animal Crackers

Potato Chips Lays Potato Chip
Doritos Regular
Ruffles Cheddar & Sour Cream
Sunchips Harvest Cheddar
Fritos Regular
Andy Capp Hot Fries
Sour Cream & Onion Chips
Baked Lays & BBQ Lays Chips

Ruffles Bulls Eye BBQ
Ruffles Ridged
Funyons Onion Flavored (104/.75 oz.)
Cheetos Crunchy
Fritos Corn Chips BBQ
Cheddar and Sour Chips
BBQ Pork Rinds

Crackers Toasty Peanut Butter Cracker
Peanut Butter On Cheese Cracker
Lorna Dune Cookies

Nekot Peanut Butter Cracker
Cream Van O Lunch Cookies

Pastries Jumbo Blueberry Donut
Apple Ugly
Pound Slice
Strawberry Cheese Claw
Freshleys 3pk Gold Fingers
Freshleys Chocolate Cupcake
FOA Apple Fruit Pie
Freshleys Big Nutty Bar
Freshleys Donut Sticks

Jumbo Strawberry Donut
Big Bear Claw
Pineapple Crush
Cinnamon Coffee Crumb Cake
Freshleys Texas Cinnamon Roll
Freshleys Vanilla Cupcake 2 PK
Freshleys Jumbo Honey Bun
Freshleys Variety Gem Donuts

Hot & Cold Food / Sandwich Items Bumble Bee Chicken Salad W/Crackers
Shrimp Instant Lunch
Quaker Oatmeal Express with Golden Brown Sugar
Jalapeno & Cheese Sausage Wrap
Ranch Steak
Smoked Turkey & Cheese Roll
Tuna Salad Sandwich Wedge
Cheese Steak Hogie
Beef Charbroil with Cheese (12/6 oz.)
Breaded Chicken Breast
Double Beef Stacker with Cheese
Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich
El Mont Chicken and Cheese Chimichanga
Tony's 4 X 6 Pepperoni Pizza
Dole Fruit Bowls

Chicken Instant Lunch
Quaker Grits Express Butter
Smoked Link with Cheese Wrap
Sloppy Joe
Egg Sandwich Wedge
Jalapeno & Cheese Sausage Wrap
Char Grilled Chicken
Pepper Steak
BBQ Chicken Twin
Beef Sub with Cheese
Nathan's Famous Chili Dog (12/4.5 oz.)
El Mont Egg/Sausage/Cheese Burrito
Prima Rosa Beef & Bean Burrito
Ruby's Sausage Biscuit Twin
Mrs. Smith Key Lime Pie
Mrs. Smith Cream Cheese Pie

Drink Selections Pepsi (12/20 oz.)
Diet Pepsi 12 oz.
Dr Pepper (12/20 oz.)
Diet Dr Pepper 12 oz.
Diet Mountain Dew 12 oz.
Ginger Ale 12oz.
Nestea (12/20 oz.)
Barqs Root Beer (12/20 oz.)
Diet Cherry Coke (12/20 oz.)
Minute Maid Fruit Punch (12/20 oz.)
Fanta Grape (12/20 oz.)
Diet Cherry Coke (12/20 oz.)
Vitamin Water 20 oz.

Classic Coke (12/20 oz.)
Coke Zero (12/20 oz.)
Diet Coke (12/20 oz.)
Caffeine Free Diet Coke (12/20 oz.)
Sprite Zero (12/20 oz.)
TAB 12 oz.
Pibb Extra (12/20 oz.)
Vault (12/20 oz.)
Minute Maid Lemonaide (12/20 oz.)
Lite Minute Maid Lemonaide
Fanta Orange (12/20 oz.)
Dasani Water (Reg) 20 oz.
Dasani Water (300ml/20 oz.)
Coffee Folgers
Golden Empire
Swiss Miss Hot Chocolates
Baronet Single Serve Coffee Pods
Maxwell House
Bigelow Teas
Coffee VendingGwinnett coffee Vending

All Georgia Vend & Coffee vending machines take bills and coins and dispense change.